Client testimonials:
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     "Susan has been walking Jack and Edie for over 7 years now.  I searched extensively to find the right fit and as soon as I met her I knew she was the very best person for the job!  She is extremely reliable and I know my dogs are always in good hands with her.  Jack and Edie love her; you should see how excited they get when they hear her car in the driveway!" 



Susan began walking Luca, my Bernese Mountain Dog when I was on bed rest with my pregnancy.  We couldn’t love her more! She has been so steadfast; she is very reliable and never cancels and is very organized with leaving me notes on how Luca did.
She also does the little things that I appreciate like making sure he has fresh water and wiping him down before he comes back into our house after a rainy walk.
Another thing that I appreciate about Susan is how flexible she is.  She has always been accommodating when I’ve asked her if she could walk Luca on a non-scheduled day and has helped me on occasions where I’m away overnight and she will come and spend time with Luca and walk him twice a day.
Personally, Susan is very personable and trustworthy and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a fantastic dog-walker!
p.s. I’ve never seen Luca gets soooo excited to see someone as he does with Susan.



Susan does an AWESOME job taking care of my dogs.  She’s confident, responsible, dedicated, and flexible!  Working long hours is possible since I always know Susan is going to be there to give my crew their mid-day break!  I don’t know too many people able to manage an ever changing pack of Terriers (mostly Jack Russell’s), but Susan can and for that I am forever grateful!!


  Gyver                            Mojo                          Tigger                            Attila

Susan is a great dog-walker!  She is 100% dependable and loves Lucy, my rambunctious chocolate lab like her own. Lucy can’t wait for Susan to arrive so her mid-day playtime can start!”



Susan walked one and, less frequently, both of our dogs daily for approximately 6 months. Not only was she dependable, she left a brief note each day about the dog(s) and often sent a photo to our cell phones. She freshened the water, fed a snack as requested, and left treats for both dogs, even when she only walked one. I believe Susan genuinely cared for our dogs. Susan is easy to reach by phone, text, or email. We have had other dog walkers but Susan was far and away the best.



Susan has been walking our Yorkie puppy Snicker for the past 4 months. She comes to our home 5 days a week to take Snicker out for her mid-day walk, feed her and love her. I look forward to coming home every day to read the notes she writes in a journal for us to see what our puppy did that day. My husband and I work such long hours that it give us peace of mind knowing we have someone like Susan coming over to care for our dog. Susan is very reliable, honest, dedicated and you can tell she truly loves what she does! We are thankful for Susan and couldn’t think of anyone better to care for our puppy; and I am sure if our puppy could talk that she would say the same thing!



Susan visits our 13 year old Golden once a week on the days when I can’t get home to take care of him.  Having her help not only gives me peace of mind that he is being well cared for, it makes him noticeably happier.  On “Susan Days” my dog is up on his feet, wagging and greeting me at the door when I get home from work.  I was home with Clinton the last time Susan came over, and was happy to see him jump to his feet and greet her enthusiastically.  This is amazing because he is 13 and doesn’t usually move that fast, but I can tell how much he loves her visits.  We have been working with Susan for a couple of years, and I trust her implicitly.  Her experience working in a veterinary clinic gives her knowledge of my pet’s health.  On days I can’t be with him, I love coming home to Susan’s notes reporting how he was doing that day, including if she notices any concerns I should address.  I would recommend Susan’s services to anyone with confidence.  I appreciate her professionalism, experience, and genuine love and understanding of animals. 

Marla Mitchell


About September 2012 my dog walker at the time informed me that she would be moving to Portland. Knowing I would still require a dog walker she also told me that she met another dog walker who she thought would be ideal to take over walking Taffy, my redbone coonhound. Based on my interview with this prospective dog walker and the recommendations she gave me, I hired Susan Rudholm. As it turned out both Taffy and I could not have been more pleased. Susan continually demonstrated her responsibilities for walking Taffy on a regular schedule, and using the commands I use for Taffy for consistency. If running a little late Susan would call. In anticipation of those times she would not be able to walk Taffy, she identified another responsible dog walker who could step in for that day, and arranged for me to first interview and subsequently approve that person.

More important to me was Susan’s attitude and outlook with handling Taffy. At those times when I was home sick, I could see firsthand how excited Taffy was when Susan showed up for her walk; how Taffy listened to her; and how happy Taffy was when they returned after the walk. Susan’s love for dogs clearly came through all the time, as did her attitude that she shared the owner’s concerns.  Once when I had to work late, I called Susan and she gladly stopped by my home after 5 p.m. to take Taffy for a short walk and then feed her dinner. I could not have been more pleased that Susan was Taffy’s dog walker and friend.

I would not hesitate to recommend Susan as a dog walker, and would be pleased to answer your questions and concerns - please ask Susan for my phone number or email address. (I retired at the end of March 2014, so I no longer required dog walking services. I felt bad for Taffy that she would no longer have her daily walk with her friend Susan.)

       Elliot R.



We can't say enough good things about Susan.  We recently moved out of her dog-walking area, and we were so sad to lose her!  Susan stands out from the crowd for many reasons. She is super flexible and kind.  Our dog, Dawkins, absolutely loves her.  She always gave him lots of attention during his walks and left daily notes for us. Dawkins isn't the easiest dog in the world and Susan was very understanding and patient with him.  When I was at home with a new baby for a couple of months, he wouldn't leave the house for anyone but family and Susan.  In addition to walking our dog, Susan also looked after our kitties on several occasions when we were away.  We trust her completely and never worried about a thing, which is not always easy to find these days. 



Susan started walking Nugget as soon as I moved to Bellevue in 2014. Nugget is a Pit Bull so I am always concerned when someone takes her out into the world. Susan could not have been more patient and wonderful with Nugget. At the end of each walk I got a picture of Nugget out enjoying their walk and a report of "business" that occurred. The few times I was home when they returned, Nugget was always perfectly happy and completely exhausted. Breaking up Susan and Nugget's daily walk was the worst part of moving. I would highly recommend Petsercise and Susan. So much so, that I hope she starts boarding so I can get Nugget back with her from time to time. 



I've had a number of great dog walkers over the years. Susan stands out in her flexibility, thoroughness, and kindness. She was able to accommodate multiple visits in a day, at short notice, when unexpected changes happened in my schedule. She kept a close eye on my older dog and alerted me to issues that she saw during the walks. She was especially thoughtful on a day that I was home and not feeling well. Not only did she walk the dog, but she surprised me with some food and drink that saved me a trip to the store. I highly recommend Susan for your daily dog walking needs.


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