Susan visits our 13 year old Golden once a week on the days when I can’t get home to take care of him.  Having her help not only gives me peace of mind that he is being well cared for, it makes him noticeably happier.  On “Susan Days” my dog is up on his feet, wagging and greeting me at the door when I get home from work.  I was home with Clinton the last time Susan came over, and was happy to see him jump to his feet and greet her enthusiastically.  This is amazing because he is 13 and doesn’t usually move that fast, but I can tell how much he loves her visits.  We have been working with Susan for a couple of years, and I trust her implicitly.  Her experience working in a veterinary clinic gives her knowledge of my pet’s health.  On days I can’t be with him, I love coming home to Susan’s notes reporting how he was doing that day, including if she notices any concerns I should address.  I would recommend Susan’s services to anyone with confidence.  I appreciate her professionalism, experience, and genuine love and understanding of animals.  

~Marla M~


 "Susan has been walking Jack and Edie for over 7 years now.  I searched extensively to find the right fit and as soon as I met her I knew she was the very best person for the job!  She is extremely reliable and I know my dogs are always in good hands with her.  Jack and Edie love her; you should see how excited they get when they hear her car in the driveway!" 



We can't say enough good things about Susan.  We recently moved out of her dog-walking area, and we were so sad to lose her!  Susan stands out from the crowd for many reasons. She is super flexible and kind.  Our dog, Dawkins, absolutely loves her.  She always gave him lots of attention during his walks and left daily notes for us. Dawkins isn't the easiest dog in the world and Susan was very understanding and patient with him.  When I was at home with a new baby for a couple of months, he wouldn't leave the house for anyone but family and Susan.  In addition to walking our dog, Susan also looked after our kitties on several occasions when we were away.  We trust her completely and never worried about a thing, which is not always easy to find these days.    ~Jennifer~

 Susan started walking Nugget as soon as I moved to Bellevue in 2014. Nugget is a Pit Bull so I am always concerned when someone takes her out into the world. Susan could not have been more patient and wonderful with Nugget. At the end of each walk I got a picture of Nugget out enjoying their walk and a report of "business" that occurred. The few times I was home when they returned, Nugget was always perfectly happy and completely exhausted. Breaking up Susan and Nugget's daily walk was the worst part of moving. I would highly recommend Petsercise and Susan. So much so, that I hope she starts boarding so I can get Nugget back with her from time to time.